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Analytical Laboratory for Rapid-Response Materials Characterization, Failure Analysis, Quality Control, Materials & Process Development, & Expert Witness Services. We provide Surface Analysis (small-spot XPS, contact angle measurements); Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR) with ATR, transmission, and specular reflectance; Thermal Analysis (TGA, DSC, TMA); Electrochemistry; Microscopy (SEM/EDX, Metallographic, & Inspection); UV-Vis spectroscopy; Mass Spectroscopy, and Mechanical Testing services.

An independent material testing laboratory with a highly educated and professional staff capable of: Engineering and chemical materials testing, including metals, semiconductors, plastics/polymers, inorganic chemicals, glasses, ceramics, composite materials, and organic chemicals. Analytical services for adhesives & sealants, aerospace, automotive, building, ceramic, chemical, coatings, communications, electronic, fabric, glass, machinery, marine, medical device, metals, mineral, optical, paint, paper materials, pharmaceutical, plastic, power, and sports and recreational equipment applications are provided.

Surface chemistry, interfaces, thin film analysis, coatings, particle analysis, plastic testing, ceramics, fibers, inorganic compounds, cleanliness and contamination, water content, adhesive bond failure analysis, corrosion rate, thermal properties such as thermal expansion (CTE), glass transition temperature, melting temperature, quantitative elemental composition, composite material composition, and assistance with advanced materials and process development are among our special interests.